How to Calm your Canine

Dogs are wonderful companions, but they can also be prone to stress and anxiety just like humans. Whether it's due to separation anxiety, fear of loud noises, or a change in routine, calming your canine is important for their overall wellbeing.

Here are some tips on how to calm your furry friend:

  1. Create a Calm Environment

Dogs are highly attuned to their environment, and a calm environment can help to soothe them. Provide a comfortable, quiet space for your dog to relax in, away from loud noises and distractions. If your dog is crate-trained, a crate can be a great place for them to retreat to when they need to calm down.

  1. Use Calming Scents

Certain scents can help to calm dogs, just as they can calm humans. Lavender, chamomile, and ylang-ylang are all known for their calming properties. You can diffuse essential oils in the room or use a scented spray on your dog's bedding.

  1. Exercise Your Dog

Physical exercise can help to reduce stress and anxiety in dogs, just as it can in humans. Make sure your dog gets plenty of exercise, whether it's through walks, runs, or playtime in the backyard.

  1. Practice Deep Breathing

Deep breathing can help to calm both dogs and humans. Try practicing deep breathing exercises with your dog. Place your hand on their chest and encourage them to breathe deeply with you. This can help to slow their heart rate and reduce stress.

  1. Use Calming Supplements

There are a variety of natural supplements that can help to calm dogs, such as chamomile, valerian root, and melatonin. Consult with your veterinarian to see if any of these supplements are appropriate for your dog.

  1. Use Calming Music

Just as music can be calming for humans, it can also be calming for dogs. Play soothing music for your dog to help them relax. There are special Spotify / Youtube playlists designed specifically for calming dogs.