Bacon Croissant Nose Work Toy


This Croissant nose work toy helps to keep your dog entertained, relieves stress, prevent dementia and boredom away from your traditional nose work mat!  

Roll up croissant dough to allow dog to problem solve through sniffing their way through. 


  • Hide treats in the 3 different shapes of pockets on top of the dough
  • Made of double-layered fabric for extra durability
  • Different textures for stimulating sensation and a unique biting experience
  • Crinkling sound 


When rolled up | 23cm W x 10cm L x 7cm H 
When unfolded | 23cm W x  53cm L x Thickness 3cm

Made with: Polyester


  • For damaged toys, be careful not to let your dog swallow its contents.
  • Hand wash with a mild detergent in lukewarm water.

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