Bell & Bone

Bell & Bone Dental Sticks - Salmon, Mint, Charcoal


Giving your dog a healthy dental stick with active ingredients each and every day is a proven way to help reduce the likelihood of them developing dental disease as they age.

Bell & Bone dental sticks were developed with industry experts, containing active ingredients like Sodium Tripolyphosphate and Zinc Sulphate, known to reduce and prevent plaque and tartar build up.

What makes Bell & Bone dental sticks different: 

  • Vet recommended 
  • Grain and filler Free
  • Science-backed actives to fight plaque and tartar
  • Unique 3-pronged shape to promote chewing
  • 7 sticks per bag
  • Low in fat, low in calories

Feel Good: Bell & Bone donate 10c from every purchase to RSPCA Victoria. 


Salmon: hypoallergenic, full of omega-3 fatty acids, boosts immunity

Mint: for fresher breath

Cinnamon: detoxifying, promoting better gut health and oral care

Salmon (22%), Tapioca, Sweet Potato, Vegetable Binder, Coconut, Mint (4%), Guar Gum, Chia, Parsley, Charcoal (1%), Vegetable Protein, Sodium Tripolyphosphate, Mineral Salt, Acacia Tree (gum), Vegetable Oil, Zinc Sulphate.

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