Dog Rocks

Dog Rock - Lawn Protector


Save your lawn from those nasty pee burn patches. Dog Rock helps to keep your lawn in tip-top condition for up to 2 months 

  • The rocks filter out impurities from water such as tin, ammonia and nitrates from your dog's drinking water
  • Dog rock takes 8-10 hours to start working in your dog’s water bowl
  • 100% all-natural minerals, no chemicals – straight from the earth
  • Australian product
  • Laboratory tested and safe for all animal. Does not alter your dog’s pH urine balance and you are not medicating your dog in any way

Available in 2 sizes: 

  • 200g pack recommended for 2L of water
  • 600g pack recommended for 6L of water 

Directions for use

  1. Remove the rocks from the bag and rinse
  2. Place no more than 2 litres of water in your dog’s water bowl
  3. Add all the rinsed rocks to your dog’s water bowl

For best results:

  • Replace the dog rocks every 2 months
  • Make sure your dog’s water bowl is your dog’s main water source
  • Drinking from pools, toilets, ponds and other water sources will hinder the results
  • Top up your dog’s water bowl rather than replacing the water everyday
  • When replacing the water, do so when your dog is not likely to consume large amounts – for example, at night
  • This product will not help fix grass that is already damaged, you simply won’t see any more damage or stains occur
  • Dogs with very high protein diets or dogs that consume high protein treats daily may not get the full benefit of the rocks

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