dogthings Large Carrot Enrichment Toy


This large size Carrot Enrichment Toy is great for all dog sizes. Relieve boredom, interactive play time and keep dog mentally stimulated. 

Did you know 10 minutes of snuffle = 1 hour of running for your dog? 

  • Each interactive dog toy comes with 12 removable mini carrots 
  • Hide treats or dry pet food in the toy base
  • Anti-slip base, removable cover 

Size: Approx. 36 x 36 cm

Material: Cotton and memory foam base

These toys are handmade, there might be a slight variance in each toy approximately 1-3cm. 

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

It keeps my puppy engaged for quite sometime, when I went out I could watch her on the camera and she went straight to the Carrot engagement item.

A hit with our pack

We have 3 rescue dogs - mixed breed, chihuahua and a french bulldog. This was a hit with all three puppers. Our mixed breed figured out quickly there were treats hidden underneath the carrots, while our chihuahua decided to hoard the carrots in his crate and our frenchie just wanted to walk around with a carrot in his mouth. Highly recommend! Keeps them occupied for ages!

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