Studio Ollie

Studio Ollie - Milk Snuffle Toy


Play time but make it FUN!

If your dog is bored of snuffle mats, why not try Studio Ollie's Milk Snuffle Toy for dogs: 

  • Hide treats within this 4 stash pockets hidden in the milk bottle 
  • Comes with a large pocket, 2 openings, 4 stash strap pockets 
  • Helps to relieve stress, prevent destructive behavior, satisfy dog's natural hunting instinct 
  • Boost mental stimulation 
  • Great snuffle toy for all types of dogs

Size: 17cm x 9cm 

Material: Cotton, Polyester, Polar Fleece

Care: Hand wash or delicate machine wash with pet-safe detergent in the laundry bag. Air dry. 

As with all toys, please monitor your dog's playtime if they are prone to swallowing toys. We recommend to remove enrichment toy once play time is over. 

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