Ziwi Peak

Ziwi Peak Freeze Dried Dog Booster - Gut & Immune Support Topper


This powerful – and delicious – recipe is the perfect vitality booster for all life stages and breeds, including puppies and senior dogs.

Sourced from the gorgeous green meadows of New Zealand, which nurture herds of free-range goats.

Crafted with free-range New Zealand goat and a blend of nature’s most functional ingredients like goat’s milk, wild caught whole mackerel, kiwifruit, and chicory, this freeze-dried booster is designed to support your dog’s gut & immune system.

  • A booster that adds targeted proactive nutrition to any balanced meal
  • Great as a topper for enrichment mat toys 
  • No thawing, rehydrating, or refridgerating
  • No potatoes, legumes or starches 
  • No synthetics for functional heatlh, just the goodness of nature 
  • 114g 


Storage instructions:

We recommend you feed freeze-dried boosters before the printed Best Before date and within 8 weeks of opening the package; however, these dates are intended as guidelines. If the product is not stored in its sealed bag, it can be exposed to air and/or moisture.

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